Equipment Design Services

Here are some examples of Equipment Design Services offered:


  • Active and passive Loudspeaker systems
  • Hi-End Stereo Loudspeakers
  • Home Theater Loudspeaker systems 
  • Active Recording Studio Monitors
  • Analog Electronics
  • Passive Crossovers
  • Power Management Circuits
  • Differential Pairs
  • Balanced Inputs/Outputs
  • Phantom Powered Inputs
  • Transformer Coupled Inputs/Outputs
  • Transformerless Balanced Microphone Inputs with Phantom Power
  • Microphone Amplifiers for: Stage/Pro Microphones, Consumer microphones including ECM and MEMs
  • Electronic Crossovers
  • Analog Signal Processors
  • Power Amps, Linear and Switching 
  • Control Circuits Design
  • RMS and Peak Limiter Circuits
  • Adaptive EQ Circuits
  • Audio Compressor Circuits
  • Design of Limiters measuring actual power
  • Commercial A/V systems design