Other Services


Here are examples of other services that we offer:

  • Electro-Acoustic testing
  • Loudspeaker evaluation
  • Loudspeaker voicing
  • Acoustic test spaces and acoustic labs design
  • Anechoic chamber specification and selection, construction supervision
  • Acoustic and electronic test facility design and setup
  • Klippel Loudspeaker analyzer setup and training
  • Soundcheck audio analyzer setup and installation in conjunction with anechoic chambers
  • ETSI room design and verification
  • High-End audio system setup and tuning, DSP programming and multi microphone calibration
  • Engineering Management
  • Domestic, European and Asian Vendor Management
  • Commercial A/V systems Installation
  • LifeTest loudspeaker power and life test equipment setup and training
  • Indoor and outdoor residential and commercial sound system setup and tuning using both critical listening as well as multi microphone measurements systems and DSP systems
  • International Safety and Emissions Standards Pre-Testing