• Multi Microphone Measurement System
  • Powered DSP Controlled Subwoofer System with 4 X 1kW Class-D Power Amplifier for HI-End Home Theater System 
  • Active HI-End Home Theater Loudspeaker system
  • Award Winning Powered Studio Monitor Loudspeaker Line
  • Laboratory High Current Low Voltage DC-Coupled Amplifier with Adjustable DC-Offset
  • Li-Ion Battery Powered 15W Class-D Headphone Amp with Signal Processing for Moving Magnet Tactile/Audio Headphone Transducer
  • Prototype Subwoofer Loudspeaker Drivers
  • Automotive Amplifier Production-Line, Trained Production-Line Crew
  • Compact integrated active sound system with Line-array Satellites and vibration canceling subwoofer for flat-panel TVs
  • Prototype wireless loudspeakers using Philips first generation chipset   
  • Product Testing Procedures
  • Test and Service Procedures for new and existing products
  • RF Canceling Microphone Bias and Preamp Circuits for ECM and MEMS type Microphones for Cellular Phones using Differential Pairs
  • Automatic Test Programs using Audio Precision and SoundCheck
  • Managing of Domestic and Overseas Electronics Manufacturing Vendors
  • Training of a Group of Engineers and Technicians that Conducted Amplifier QA Testing and Rework
  • Quality Control Procedures for new and existing Amplifier and Loudspeaker Products
  • Production Lines for Powered and Passive Loudspeakers
  • Test Equipment for Production Line
  • Acoustically Invisible Handset Positioners for KEMAR and HEAD Acoustics Head and Torso Simulators (HATS) Acoustic Performance compatible to a Human Hand
  • Manuals for conducting End-User Technical Support
  • Anechoic chambers Design and Specifications
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Production Lines for Powered and Passive Loudspeakers
  • Loudspeakers and Sound Systems for Consumer Audio and Pro-Audio
  • Acoustically Treated Listening and Measurement Spaces using a variety of Treatment Techniques
  • Optimized control circuitry for 300W 2.4GHz Power Amplifier for a medical application
  • Hypodermic needle incinerator
  • R&D Material and Adhesive Testing
  • Proof-Of-Concept Prototypes and R&D Test Fixtures
  • 3D printer setup and model creation
  • Soundbar with built in subwoofer
  • Construction of Electronics- and Mechanical-Laboratories, Machine-Shops, Wood-Shops and Paint-Booth
  • Signal Processor for Powered PA Loudspeaker Line
  • Redesigned Passive Loudspeaker Crossover to reduce field failure from 30% to less than 1%
  • Redesigned Battery Backup System for Paging and Distribution Amplifier to reduce cost and pass UL
  • Specified and Evaluated Acoustic Samples, utilizing both Test Equipment and Critical Listening
  • Developed Quality Control Routines for Production Testing of Processor, Amplifier & Loudspeaker Products, both In-Line and End-of-line
  • Groundbreaking Acoustic Transducers
  • EMI Emissions Analyzes to pass International Emission Standards and Redesigned Existing Products based on the Findings
  • Programmed DSP-Curves for New and Heritage Products for In-House and Third-Party DSP-Processors
  • Technical Training Seminars for Dealers and Worldwide Customers

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